unisex ring

What is The Link Rings Showcase?

I have ready-to-wear styles displayed in the collection. The options exceed beyond the styles displayed though. They are meer suggestions, offering ideas so that you can have a better understanding...

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Create Your Own Iconic Design

Along with my professional advice, you have the ability to mix and match metal colors, diamonds, or gemstones and mold your own story into the ring you envisioned.  The Link...

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Links and Bodies

There is a lot of flexibility available with regards to personalization and your budget when we begin planning your ring. Due to the fact that the rings are made up...

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The Finger Size Function

The functionality of The Link Rings collection makes them unlike any other style of ring on the market. Falling under the category of “statement jewelry,” they make great talking pieces...

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Why Choose The Link Rings?

My goal is to create versions of The Link Rings that people can enjoy from all walks of life. Each ring is specially crafted for the individual. Everyone has a...

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Who are The Link Rings For?

  The Link Rings are for people who enjoy wearing modern jewelry but want to take it a step further. They are for those who don’t just want another piece...

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