Work one on one with Jewelry Designer and Manufacturing Specialist, Arzu Koch, to create the unique piece of jewelry that you envision.

1: Book your free consultation

2: Body, Link Metal type and Stone Selection

3: Approve Realistic Rendering images

4: We finish your own design

Step 1: Free Consultation

We love to create custom designs that will serve as a symbol of your love for eternity. Before making any commitments, we first meet virtually or talk on the phone. This is when you can share the jewelry of your dreams with us! During this meeting is when we will find out the link ring size, budget, timeline, metal color, type, and shape of the link ring you would like. We can also take care of a heritage stone or any existing jewelry that you would like a new design for or be reset. If a piece caught your eye from our collection or if you have your own idea, we would love to hear about it!

Step 2: Body, Link Metal type and Stone Selection

After we meet for the first time, we will have been able to provide you an estimated price for your creation. After the approval, we request a payment of 50% of the total. All diamonds and gemstones are ethically and sustainably sourced by professional gemologists and conflict-free! We will source a variety of stones that fit your requirements and your budget. We can sketch any piece of jewelry that you dream of! The sketch will provide an idea of the proportions of the design and the stone. We can reference the inspirations you provided in the questionnaire at this step! Let us know any additional designs or symbols you’d like to incorporate into your custom creation so we can factor it into the sketch. We like to keep you informed and take your input through every facet of the process in order for the creation to turn out exactly as you’d like. 

Step 3: Approve Realistic Rendering images

The 3D rendering is relatively accurate to what the final product is. The finger size, shapes, and stone size will be nearly the exact same as what the final product will be. If it is a ring, we can show it on the recipient’s hand virtually. We would just request an image of the person’s hand so we can make it as realistic as possible. Before going into precious metal, a 3D wax model of your piece will be created. We will send the physical wax model to you for preapproval before moving on to the final step. Evaluate your model thoroughly. If you would like any changes, speak now! One of the great things about the wax model is that it’s yours. If on the unfortunate off-chance you lose your piece of jewelry, we can recreate it based on your 3D CAD Model (Computer-Aided Design) with a similar stone.

Step 4: We finish your own design

Once you approve the wax model, we will bring it to life by using an age-old method that has withstood the test of time. We first cast the wax into the desired metal. The metal is then cleaned and polished. Lastly, the stones are manually set, and a final polish is applied. Your dream piece is now ready to become part of your life-changing journey!

The entire process from the questionnaire to completion can be done in just two weeks!

Each piece that we create is lovingly handmade in New York City.

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